This Year’s Ride – August 28, 2021!

Dear friends, 

We have finally settled on a date for the ride! Please stay tuned for more info in the coming months, but here are some general times & expectations.


  • Gather at 4pm
  • Costume contest at 5pm
  • Ride at 6pm
  • Live entertainment 8pm

Location: The Grove neighborhood (Manchester Ave between Sarah and Talmage St.)

Route: TBA

Please note, if you get tired during the ride, feel free to break off at Chouteau and Broadway and head back to the Grove via Chouteau. Just note you will be on your own if you do.

No photos without consent. Absolutely no inappropriate/lewd behavior or harassment will be permitted. Please help us in making this a safe and empowering event for all!

We ask that photographers and press to register by the stage and help create a safe space by being respectful and asking CONSENT to photograph, and encouraging others to do so!

* Ride at your own risk. WNBR assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may take place during the ride

6 thoughts on “This Year’s Ride – August 28, 2021!

  1. Will the riders come down Washington street this year. All of us in the Loft District loved the riders

  2. To whom it may concern,
    I am wanting to participate in the naked bike ride but for the moment i do not have a bicycle would I be able to walk the Marathon course?

    • You can probably reach out to Mike’s Bikes shop and see if they can rent you a bike.
      As for walking… I’m not sure. It’s about 14 miles, and we’ll be moving at bike pace, so maybe running is more like it.

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