We are so grateful to 4Hands Brewing Company for being our presenting sponsor year after year! Not only are they lovely people who make delicious beer, but they also help all kinds of amazing things happen in STL. So we hope you support them.

This year, Una Vida Tequila – another local distiller with a wonderful mission to encourage meaningful drinking & hangouts became a major WNBR sponsor.

We are also very grateful to CLOVR and SWADE Cannabis in the Grove for generously supporting the event. And are super excited for The Selfie Room to offer sponsorship in a form of a photo booth you all get to use!

And of course the owner of HandleBar in the Grove – Tatyana puts a ton of time and effort into the event along with her amazing volunteer team, so Handlebar is yet again a sponsor of the event, and the host of the official afterparty… though they won’t have room for everyone anyway, so make sure you check out all the other bars in the footprint as well.

Speaking of, all of the following Grove establishments will be selling you tasty drinks on Manchester and are also active supporters of the event: Just John’s, Trops, Gramophone, Open Concept, Prism, Platypus 

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