WNBR in St. Louis is Set for July 18th!

The date for the World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis is officially set for Saturday, July 18th, 2015, so get those bikes tuned up and ready for the fun!

Make sure to beat the tune-up rush by stopping by Spoked Bikes & Stuff, the official shop sponsor of the WNBR in St. Louis, and say hi to event organizer, Matt.

And don’t forget, you can keep your legs fresh by participating in Gold Sprints every Wednesday at HandleBar. Swing by and say hi to event organizer, Tatyana.

Stay tuned for updates on the pre-and-post festivities, as well as the route. See you soon!


13 thoughts on “WNBR in St. Louis is Set for July 18th!

  1. hello.. I would like to know…. If WNBR would be interested in yoga class before the ride this year.. I am insured and certified yoga instructor…. If interested just email me…

    Maury Jackson 🙂

    Namaste 🙂

  2. Thus far I’ve been in the last 4 rides and have loved every minute of the pre ride, ride, and after parties. Being a part of St. Louis my whole life, it’s inspiring to have so many break the mold of Midwest conservative mentality, baring themselves both figuratively and literally. Witnessing this in other communities which also hold rides strengthens that feeling. Portland holds one of, if not the largest, rides. This documentary shares the feeling I have when I do the ride. It is my hope viewing this will encourage more here to join in, be it as volunteer or rider, and to push their own boundaries.

    RIDE ON!


  3. I noticed that you recommend parking at the Grove “CID” lots at 4173 and 4363 Manchester Ave. When I googled those addresses, the parking lots seem small. Are there other places to park because one article I found said 2,500 riders and about 6,000 attendees from 2014? Or are the lots just “larger than they appear”?

    • One of the address was incorrect when originally entered. They are at 4173 Manchester and 4352 Manchester. There are additional lots around the area as well, those are just the ones that the CID manages. We recommend parking on lots and not residential side streets.

  4. This is for Tatyana. We spoken several times over the years and you’ll probably recall me as a part of the nudist group that had the rain tunnel a couple years ago. We spoke last year about it and you mentioned you would like to have it again at the ride. As I’ve been checking the forecast and it looks to be in the 90s Saturday with high humidity, it appears to be good conditions to have it. Let me know if still interested.

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