Here’s how YOU can help. Email nakedbikestl@gmail.com for details.
PRE RIDE 5 to 7 p.m.
1) Tabling
We will have a WNBR table to hand out info and answer basic questions about the ride.
2) Ride Start Communication (all!)
We WILL need additional help with the START of the ride and the END of the ride. We would love to have volunteers (including any of you!) to help out with communicating to riders that the ride is starting, and to get folks ready for the ride.
3) Dress Code enforcement (all!)
To appease Grove neighbors, we will ask participants to cover up (at least minimally) for the pre-ride gathering.  Please help spread this message. And as usual, share the message that we advocate that riders cooperate with the police.
4) Photo policy/behavior enforcement (all!)
If you see anybody taking photos without consent (and making people photographed uncomfortable), please ask them to stop and leave the parking lot. We do permit photos in general, and ask those from media wear identification – but no matter who you are, ask for consent before snapping a photo.

1) Route Assistance (Spoked STL and others)
Thankfully, Spoked STL will be bringing 5 or so cyclists from their team to help with the route at larger intersections and at turns. Because the ride has gotten so large, it will always be helpful to have more riders help with keeping the ride together. This includes helping block intersections (if you’re experienced in this).

2) Ride Communication (all volunteer riders)
We also need help with communicating on the ride itself. Examples include

  •  “one lane,” “stay to the right,” etc when we’re trying to keep everyone together (and not biking on the opposite lane of traffic, certainly). If you see somebody taking up the wrong side of traffic, do your part and let them know!
  • communicate about oncoming cars, “clear” if there’s nothing, “car back” if there’s a car behind, etc.
  • if you hear/witness any inappropriate behavior, please call the rider out. We want this to be a safe and empowering experience for all.
  • communicating turns so riders behind you know what’s coming.
  • communicating construction or other road hazards so riders behind you know what’s coming. (potholes, etc. Lindell Ave will have one section of construction as well.)

3) Chants (all)

Help lead some chants on the ride! A few can be spotted here: http://wiki.worldnakedbikeride.org/index.php?title=Slogans.

[Riders AND Non-Riders]

At the end, we will need help pushing riders into the designated area of Manchester. And then we party!


One thought on “Volunteer!

  1. Thank you for a magnificent event!!! It was a great night for a ride, and everything seemed to go nicely. The volunteers and guides were/are greatly appreciated. I wish it was next July already; we need to do this quarterly! lol Thanks again!!!

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