2013 Route!

That’s right, you can view the route now! See below, and check https://wnbrstl.org/route/ for step-by-step directions.

We strongly encourage riders to get to know the route beforehand, and we warmly welcome any watching parties along the way by WNBR supporters. We will be riding through South Grand, Cherokee, Benton Park, Soulard, Downtown, Wash Ave, Midtown, Central West End, and the Grove.


2 thoughts on “2013 Route!

  1. Will the hill on cherokee street be a problem For some I was going to ride my stepper bike but long steep hills are hard to go up with it I have a regular Bike but even then i’ll have to pump to get up that hill

    • Hopefully not – we will try to take a pause at Jefferson and Cherokee so riders can catch up. Fortunately that is probably our biggest hill. There are a couple of hills on Locust but in general the route is fairly flat.

      Hope this helps!

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